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Publisher Lena Kovadlo has published seven books for me.  Her fast turn around is amazing.  I will give her my edited manuscript and it’s not uncommon for the book to be up on within three to four days after submission to her.  She formats it beautifully, using a font and decorations around the titles that I like because it stands out. She helps to edit and if I make errors or she’s not sure about something, she will bring it to my attention.  I do my own book covers, but Lena does everything else.  She even puts a Table of Contents in there so if you want to find a particular poem, you will know what page to go to.  Her rates are reasonable and I highly recommend Ms. Kovadlo for all your publishing needs, as she will make the process smooth since publishing can have its stressful moments.  She will walk you through the process of distribution and purchase of your book on Lulu.  Thank you Lena for all your help in making my books stand out and shine!!!!!" ~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf - author of Wolf Songs and other books
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