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What you need to know about publishing your book with Lulu.

What you need to publish your book with Lulu?

You need to create a free account on

What will happen when your book is published on Lulu?

Your book will get its own (free) Lulu-owned ISBN and will be available for sale in the Lulu marketplace and on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and on Ingram through which physical bookstores can order your book. You will get your own author spotlight page on Lulu where you will be able to showcase all of your books. 

Who owns the copyright to the book you publish on Lulu?

You own the copyright to the book you publish on Lulu. You also have complete control over how your book looks both inside and out. 

Who determines the retail price of the book you publish?

You determine the retail price of your book. How much your book will cost depends on the manufacturing cost of the book. The manufacturing cost depends on the book size, the binding option you choose, how many pages your book has, and how much you want to earn per each book sale both on Lulu and in distribution channels. When pricing your book you cannot go below the manufacturing cost of the book. Note that when distributing a book outside Lulu there is a retail markup that distribution channels charge, which affects the retail price of your book.  

How much will you earn on Lulu? 

When your book is published on Lulu you will get 80% from each sale when your book is purchased directly from Lulu. When your book is purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. you will earn less. For e-books you will get 90% from each sale when your book is bought directly from Lulu. How much you earn outside Lulu depends on the distribution channel. 

How do you get paid your royalties? 

Your royalties will be paid to you by Lulu. They will be paid via PayPal and they will be paid monthly, so long as you earn a minimum of $5 on a given month. You get paid in the current month for the previous month's earnings. If you don't earn $5 in the previous month the earnings will be carried over to the next month and so on until you reach the $5 minimum and then you will get paid.  

How will you know if you sold any books and how many?

All the sales info will show up in your Lulu account. Sales for books bought directly on Lulu will be available right away. Sales for book bought in any of the distribution channels (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) usually show up at the end of the month or beginning of next month. So, if you don't see any sales data from Amazon, etc. that does not mean that your book hasn't been bought. It just means the sales data hasn't been given to Lulu yet. If you go to your book page on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and see a sales rank number that means it's been purchased by at least one person.

How My Services Work

I start working on your book only when I receive your payment (in full) for my services. In the event that you cannot pay me in full I can work out a payment plan with you... Let me know about that when you contact me about publishing the book, which you can do directly on this website by filling out the form

When you contact me about publishing a book please let me know what type of book you want to publish (poetry book, short story book, novella/novel, etc.) and how many pages it is. Also, let me know if you want me to proofread/edit what you have written (there is a separate fee for that). I will get back to you with the cost of publishing the book. Once I receive payment from you in the form of a check I will ask you to create a free account on, which is necessary to publish the book and then send me the Word document of your book, your author bio, your book summary/description, and any image you own that you want to use in the book or book cover. I will then do everything to get your book published (formatting manuscript, proofreading/editing, if requested, creating a book cover and publishing the book) and distributed to sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

If you want help spreading word about your book I offer these services as well... The details are provided on this website.